Natalie Corcoran

After trying various ways to get fit by joining gyms and trying a local running group and always failing, Natalie was recommended to me by a friend. I signed up to her personal one-to-one sessions thinking it was worth a go! It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only did she get me fitter and stronger but my body shape completely changed. I found that my tennis also improved as I was able to run around the court a lot quicker. I was also able to run 5km in just a few weeks, having not been able to run to the end of the road in our first session! Natalie is really flexible which meant I could fit sessions around my busy lifestyle. Each session was completely different and included a mix of strength and HIIT. She then gave me a plan on what to do on the other days so I had something to stick to. Natalie would keep in touch with me via text keeping me motivated and supporting me all the time. I then joined Natalie’s boot camp sessions and group PT sessions, and found I really enjoy exercising withe other people too. Since lockdown, these sessions have moved online and are now via Zoom, which haven’t affected how good they are at all! I have also joined her 30 minute HIIT sessions which run twice a week. You never get bored as each session is always different and works all the areas of the body. Natalie is not only a great personal trainer, she is also a really nice person. I recommend her to everyone I know and wear my Graft hoodie with pride!

Andy Hudson

I came to Natalie determined to improve my running times and got so much more. She takes her role as your PT personally and gets almost as much joy as you (if not more!) when you succeed. Since starting training with Natalie in December 2018 i have achieved PBs in all distances and continue to achieve more and more each week. Natalies input into this cannot be understated, from training plans, to encouragement or simply just to listen when something doesnt go your way, shes there every step of the way with you. Add into the equation that shes kind and compassionate and you really do have the all round package. I look forward to many more PBs over the coming years!